‘Taco Supreme’

By James Strauss

The Supreme Court of the United States moves and votes to support open prevarication. That’s correct, and everyone who reads this short article will understand that. From now on, those employees who won’t work on Sunday because of their commitment to religious beliefs, not allowing for working on Sundays, will be allowed to stay home without punishment or redress in any form. This, of course, means that instead of a ‘means test,’ like used for those allowed to stay home because of complications of pregnancy, illness or injury, the only ‘proof’ that an employee cannot work because of religious beliefs will rest in that employee’s word. Stand by for less work getting done on Sundays, as those who must pick up the load for those staying home on Sundays will simply stop doing it and use the same prevaricating excuse.

There’s a lot that’s got to be done on Sundays throughout the country and I won’t go into detail here about some or all of those things, but I will say that the highly vaunted and almost always increasing productivity in America is about to take a hit. Sure, Sundays are generally only found four times during a typical month, but that’s more than ten percent of that time. Once more, just like with the abortion issue and now college entry junk (they are doing nothing about ‘legacy’ students being gifted into the majority of Ivy League institutions) this Supreme Court is rapidly proving itself to be not only the most corrupt in history but the most unpatriotic of all time.

We live in the times of America’s greatest period of selfishness and it’s a shame to watch it all go down.