Billionaire Bastards

By James Strauss


What are all the American courts, criminal, federal, state and civil trying not to tell the public? They are not only lying out of passively failing to discuss things of merit and fact, but they are also truly and overtly lying about their own powers, or lack of them. The justice department areas of the U.S. government and all the state governments in this country are hugely powerful. They can bring the most powerful people in or out of government to their knees in an instant. They are not doing this to Donald Trump. They are specifically allowing this indicted man to remain not only free of any kind of incarceration or even home arrest, but they are leaving him time after time to fly anywhere he wants, nationally or internationally on his huge private jets. They are allowing him to keep his passport without restrictions on anything. Oh, he has to not threaten witnesses, prosecutors or judges. He goes out from court after court and threatens all of these people. The latest court even held back on charging him again for his contempt performance on social media and in speaking events by inferring that such charges would just delay the supposedly impending trial. Well, they could, any or all of them, revoke his supervised release without charges at all. Inside until a hearing on his violations. But they are not doing that.

There’s going to be no trail. This country is made up of people at the justice level all making six figures or more and enjoying unpublishable wealthy contributions as proven by the Supreme Court members. Nobody’s going to do anything to upset the vast structure of political corruption that’s taken over the country. It’s not the republicans, the democrats, the white supremacists, blacks or anybody else that’s destroying the country. It’s our leadership in every area. All of them wear designer clothes, shoes, have limousines, multi-million dollar homes and then vacation homes on top of that. All of them fly private air. All of them are lost to the rest of us, as they are totally unapproachable on any personal basis. They are only approachable by a media so paid off that media reporters and representatives must submit questions before they can even speak to this new class of royalty. Any other conduct and these people get to meet what the rest of the public gets to encounter. Security. Blatant and violent security.

Most of the nation, meanwhile, has no clue at all. Maui burns and the only communication getting off that island is by the association of realtors! Does that not tell you everything about the situation out there? Only the money gives one damn and then it only gives one damn about the money. Revolution’s a long way from coming. What’s coming is simply more and more mired down misery for what’s becoming the poor class of citizens. Billionaires spit out drugged or alcohol driven idiocy, formerly bright and respectable billionaires like Musk, Bezos, Gates and so many more. They are lost inside their protected utopian walled in lives. These people now will never deign to even speak to a commoner. How to change the course of where this is all eventually got to go? I don’t think here is such a course correction conceivable much less applicable.