From The Wilderness


Today’s era of big money being thrown into the communications complex to induce action and the course of present and future human events isn’t over, but the elevation of Trump to a near God-like figure is forcing it to be near the top of this planet’s consciousness plateau of awareness.  The sciences of sociology, anthropology, and even physics have been removed from formal education or minimalized, simply because the results coming out of those disciplines weren’t pleasing to those who’ve amassed large fortunes and are proving, once again, that they are willing to do anything to keep those fortunes and grow them.  The mass media has been purchased by them and continues to spew out phony surveys and polls supporting the lunacy of a Trump presidency that is, day by day, proving itself to be a windbag concept as the hot air of that balloon cools the longer the artifice is kept up in the ‘air’ of the population’s attention.  Just as in the time before the U.S. Civil War, the economic powers of the era wanted things to remain just the way they were while the forces opposing slavery grew and blossomed everywhere, threatening the nation’s enforced state of ennui and control.

The times ‘they are a changing’, but social change comes slowly unless it’s presaged with a cataclysm or some enormous catastrophe.  The change that is happening today is being brought about by the very nature of the individual who was chosen to represent the continuance of things the way they are. The chosen figure, through advancing age problems, as well as the enormous pressure placed upon him, is mentally caving in, leaving the super-wealthy with nowhere and nobody to replace him.  Recent media outlets selling out include such old venerable institutions of the newspaper industry as the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post.   In television news CNN, another bastion of former objectivity has also been purchased by the super wealthy, and consequently bleeding the same old hoary message about how it’s a liberal source but coming around to reporting the ‘facts’ now.

Fear is the stock and trade of these purchased purveyors of ‘truth,’ as it is portrayed.  History repeats itself, once again, as slavery lies just below the conscious layer of people’s consciousness, and their fear is very real, of becoming a slave, not for the unfortunate who are in that circumstance.  Very few history books report on the nearly 300,000 white slaves that were shipped to the U.S. from Great Britain and were treated the same as black slaves before the country declared its independence.  Slaves could be murdered and the punishment was a fine, usually set by the former slave-owner.  Nobody knows or cares anymore, except for the vestigial memory of how inhuman humans can be to one another…and how history can treat such acts with such great silent impunity.  Who are the slaves today, white, brown, yellow, and black?  Prisoners or those who have been prisoners but are released to be economic prisoners for the rest of their lives.

Slave owners and bounty hunters (called slavecatchers) pursued escaped slaves while today the police pursue those accused of crimes today.  Slaves accounted for approximately ten percent of the population in the original 13 colonies (all the colonies held slaves).  Today, about ten percent of the American population has a felony record.  Interesting coincidence.  To become a felon is very likely to end up in prison, where such ‘slaves’ are required to work for basically nothing, just like slaves of old.  Upon serving sentences, these modern-day slaves, for life, must work in situations that pay almost nothing and, just as slaves and former slaves back before emancipation, live in social degradation for the rest of their lives.

Today’s communications industry cannot hide the obvious fact, that those at the top of the social order do not suffer from the fear of becoming slaves.  Only the tiniest percentage of them are ever treated in any other way than being either exalted, adored, or apologized for should they run into any difficulties that might make them fall from ‘on high.’

The burning of books, the denial of freedom for women to choose, the whole transgender controversy, the border immigration disputes, all of those are slave related.  The subjugation of some over to the advantage of others is what it is all about.  The current raising of the former president into God-like status has reached its zenith and, like Icarus, the creature himself is slowly falling to earth, and the impact when he hits the fundament will shiver all through the establishment of wealth and power that flew him up so high…until another can be found to take his place.  The intense, killing, and cruel competition will continue which, until something is done to quench or eliminate it, will reverberate through a killing and cruel set of human cultural norms that will continue to plague us all.  Recognition of this will likely do nothing to halt or lessen its continuing impact.