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THE ISLAMIC/JEWISH/CHRISTIAN dilemma. There’s another war going on, or rather continuing. Go back to the end of WWII, when Israel fought for and was conceded land on the Sinai Peninsula to build a country. Palestinians, living in the area at the time, were displaced or relegated to a status little better than peons or peasants.

The war is not a war, it’s a continuing cause, and it’s deeply religious and deeply unsolvable without some sort, or a variety of, the killing of all opponents to whichever of the belief systems fighting. It’s about torture. How does any power, seeking conquest or ‘quieting’ of any sort of guerrilla war identify those particular individuals doing the leading and fighting of the war?

The human race has had torture as a part of its genetic structure from the beginning. Only within the last few hundred years has torture been converted from a form of punishing entertainment to something that is considered almost too awful to consider. But how else to get to the heads of the opposition and extinguish them? The U.S., that bastion of supposed justice around the world, restarted to approve torture in its Middle Eastern ventures, simply changing the names of the procedures to sound like they were not torture. And so, here we, and the rest of the world, again at the coming doorstep of more torture and all the waves of permanent hatred, the results of performing such actions create.

The Israelis will have to torture to subdue Hamas, but by so doing will simply kick the can down the road, as generations to come will neither forget nor forgive…and at some period of their rising success at coming back, torture those whose ancestors tortured them.
And so on…

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