By James Strauss


Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have made a ten part series about the Vietnam War, and it’s been making headlines for its truthful veracity.  These two “Hollywood-style” historians present that war, as they have presented other parts of history, as being simply deducible based upon a consideration of all the players involved bringing the nation to war and also those who fought it.  That those who fought, right up to flag rank level, had no clue whatsoever about the causal nature of the conflict gives an immediate indication, in watching the series, that this whole presentation if exactly what it’s truly intended to be…a revealing visual expose about a collection of meaningless nonsense.

The only significant factor in judging the war in Vietnam is the definitive proof established that a guerrilla war in situ cannot be won by a foreign power without genocide being a part of the victor’s bargain.  The U.S. lost the war in Vietnam because everyone native to and in the country was the real enemy, yet the U.S. could not and would not comprehend that. The U.S. went on to lose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the same reason.  Russia will lose the war in Ukraine for the same reason.  But then, these wars are not fought in modern times to win what everyone is led to believe is the reason for the war in the first place.

The wars are fought for financial reasons, to transfer money under the fog of war to wealthy war patrons making the weapons or those simply stealing the money because there’s no one to stop them…who remain alive.  Russia’s guerrilla war is over nuclear re-enrichment of its inventory so that is different.  All wars have come to be covered by nearly universally accepted lies and total deceit.  These clowns making the history by writing it are just that…clowns getting wealthy…doing the same thing with their attack on history as with our country’s attack on the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

As an example of what really happens inside one of these ‘new’ wars all one has to do is take a quick review of what happened to literally tons of cash in Iraq.  Twenty billion dollars’ worth of hundred-dollar bills was flown into Baghdad aboard two C-130 cargo aircraft.  The aircraft landed, and under video surveillance at the time, the planes offloaded fully half of their cargos into waiting unmarked private aircraft that had arrived to receive the cash. Ten billion or more was lost right there on the tarmac. The private jets left to never be seen or heard of again. The other ten billion went to warehouses where it quickly disappeared before it could ever be distributed to the workers supposedly befriending the American cause.

The second loss of billions was the collection of the U.S. cash held by all banks in Iraq. This money was taken to warehouses and the loss of it attributed to Saddam’s sons, who supposedly escaped the country with it. The sons were found days later shot dead while still in the country and with no money anywhere around. That cash, two large containers of it, was shipped to the Houston, Texas by Brown and Root, and it was accompanied by the first American leader of the new Iraq government. It was cleared without going through customs and then the former general officer traveled with the trucks to a certain ranch in Texas, never to be seen again.  No investigations were ever truly conducted about all the missing billions in either case.  The U.S. Congress held hearings about the lost cash in the Iraq incident.  Mr. Bremer, General Gardner’s replacement in Iraq, stood up and told the committee members that the cash had been lost due to the ‘fog of war,’ and he was given a standing ovation by the crowd assembled before the committee.

Now, that’s what real modern war is all about.  Billions and billions of dollars are being sent to Ukraine.  The fog of war hangs over that country like a very well-funded curtain of velvety-evil loss and death.  Burns and Novick are never ever going to cover any of this.  They are going to get Emmys or

Academy awards, checks for millions and add more homes they purchase along the east coast of the USA.

Americans are not stupid.  They are simply and sadly totally misinformed.