By James Strauss


Why is it important that in the very near future a lot of people have to die?  Why is the anthropoid competition complex that’s overtaken the males of our species led to this ‘death’s door’ of coming oblivion for so many?  The Russian’s still have some active nuclear warheads!  All of Putin’s inventory of nuclear weapons have not expired due to radiation decay and that’s simply a part of physical facts.  Plutonium and Uranium, when enriched are enriched to certain levels.  Ninety-Nine point nine, nine, nine, seven is the required enrichment level to attain an ignition and fusion explosion.  That level of radioactive strength cannot be maintained, however, so countries that have unlimited enrichment capacity, supplies of ore and plenty of time and protection, commonly enrich all the way out to ninety-nine point nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine percent.


Because, with the half-life of enriched nuclear elements the degradation of the material to the point where explosive fusion cannot be attained takes much longer.  Some of Russia’s supply has been enriched to that level and some of that level of radioactive strength is still available in some of their weapons.  What is also of interest, from a fusion standpoint, is the simple fact that larger amounts of enriched material do not surrender their radioactive potential as quickly as smaller ones.  What does that portend?

Russia is more than likely better able to deliver a higher yield bomb or device than a smaller tactical one.  Not good news in this situation.  Part of the reasoning to be considered in looking at the current Putin leadership situation is that he has no place to go.

Unlike Donald Trump, he cannot retreat from his current dictatorship and cause dissension and hold some sort of informal power over any part of the population or leaders that might replace him.   Replacing him, given his terribly mortal conduct against so many while in charge, means that his life would become worthless if he was no longer the leader of the country.  That potential occurrence has got to be coursing its way through his mind.   When someone has nothing to lose then all the normal restraints, social rules of performance or conduct become meaningless.

Is Putin in a much more serious and threatening position rather than Trump was when he lost the last election.  That’s anybody’s guess, but currently it is difficult to see the level of celebration that’s going on with respect to the Ukrainian war. Putin cannot lose outright, or the world may well lose in a much bigger way than anyone really wants to consider.  It’s high time to get the media away from this steaming hot potato and have the West’s leadership begin to play the results of this war down, no matter what they are giving the appearance to be.  Russia is a long way from giving up and going back to stay within its current borders.

Putin is still very much in charge and that hard fact cannot be ignored.  He’s no doubt vitally aware that he’s a dead man if the war is lost and he loses his dictator’s position because of it.   At the same time, even if he’s not killed or taken out of power, that does not relieve Russia as country of the problem of how to get their aging nuclear weapons re-enriched.  Russia cannot and likely will not disengage from this war and nuclear tipped playing cards are all face cards in this eastern European game of poker.

The Tsar Bomba nuclear device, at over a hundred megatons of yield, was the largest nuclear, or other explosion, ever caused by mankind in all the time of this species’ history. The Western powers of the time did not believe than anyone or entity would be foolish enough to test fire such a potentially deadly and dangerous monster explosion. The Russians did that Tsar Bomba ‘experiment’ with impunity.  Let us not forget that the Russian experience for all of mankind, for thousands of years, has not necessarily been one of completely exhibited sanity.