Harvey and Habits

Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

Harvey the Grey Cat and Habits this morning.

Harvey likes the end of the bed while I am in the shower, shaving and all that. He waits so he can approve of my attire for the day. He’s easy because he always approves. He’s not sitting there for petting. That’s out. He approves of my habitually shined boots, daily maintained. So much of the Marine Corps remains imbedded in me, habits that seem so natural. Can’t wear pants more than two days in a row. Shirt one day. Deodorant always. Shower twice a day, and brush teeth twice a day. Short hair (where there is hair). And always fresh socks and underwear, sometimes more than one set a day.

Sometimes I wonder if the Marine training was not more about how to stay married than how to stay healthy to face the enemy?

Or was it about both?

Or are those the same?

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