To identify what’s wrong with conservatism and Republicanism – and now with so much of America as we are about to enter the Trump era – you don’t need high-blown theories or deep sociological analysis or surveys.

The answer is as simple as it is sad: There is no kindness in them. And I have no answers for that. I am not the second coming of Jesus Christ. I am as afraid as any rational citizen should be at the advent of an age that now has no limits when it comes to heartlessness. What am I supposed to offer anyone when I too cower and horde against he coming of night? You must find your way to prepare yourself for social dissonance and world wide violent vibrations and shocks.

Having little may turn out to be advantageous in that you will have a lot more company and you also won’t be a target. Eventually, like Phoenix from the ashes, survivors of this mess will emerge and they will be quick to rid themselves of those who took it all and took it all from them. If you are poor, disabled or aged then wait. There will be plenty to pick from the bones of a society about to future itself in its own presence.