January  2, 2016

Lake Geneva Wisconsin.



What is the place you make?

Most of life is supposed to be about what we make of what is here when we got here and then what we do with whatever the hell that is. I once asked a nun in fifth grade this question: “Why was everything all taken by the time I got here? Where’s mine?”
I went straight to the cloak room, just like I went for an afternoon in the week before when I had injudiciously mentioned that the Holy Ghost had to be a fake god simply because nobody would ever discuss what it might look like, what it was or what it did. My violation that week was in referring to any of the three gods (I know I know, don’t go there) as an it. I was told there was only one god, of course, just to make my stay in the cloak room more contemplative.


Here we are on January 2nd in the year of Our Lord 2016.

What do we do with what we’ve stolen, and don’t do the hard work crap or inheritance thing here because you can never get much of anything working for somebody else and inheriting is just getting stuff from your family that they stole. Nevertheless, here we are with our collection of stuff. And our collection of fellow collectors of stuff. I like ‘here’ these days but then I’ve liked most anywhere I’ve been stuck and I’ve liked a lot of the stuff too, although I could do with a bit less this year.
If I go to the basement though to go through my stuff to get rid of some of it I just end up diddling around, looking at old photos, and coming back up.


Happy New Year!
Found a picture from the past.
Here’s Sister Mary Paul from the fifth grade….