Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days.
The efforts to bring it into being and the dangers of it, as well as the potential benefits. My question is “will artificial intelligence wander?”

We wander, as humans. Much of our work and life force is dedicated to tasks we must or want to accomplish but a huge portion of what we do with our minds is spent in what I call ‘wandering.’ I am doing it right now. I had no idea, when I opened this laptop at my coffee shop, about what i was going to write. A picture of a robot with a hard hat and a clip board came across my screen from some site advertising the latest news. Then it was gone, the ad I mean. I thought about the photo and then about artificial intelligence, which was going to be the thrust of the article I didn’t click to and read. My mind wandered when I looked a the blank space here so I decided to write about that.

Would artificial intelligence (A.I.) be able to perform such a fundamentally human endeavor or pursuit? It is in the wandering of our minds, I believe, by the way, wherein we humans do our best and most productive work. A.I. is going to take the heart out of many interactions and it’s also going to demand more truth. The loss of heart in a world where there’s not a whole lot of it exhibited will hurt. The diminishment of deception will hurt even more. The construct of all human endeavor is built upon deception and it might be impossible to teach intelligent robots how to lie in the right circumstances.

Maybe if aging human males grow more hair, women find better ways to look younger, the whole of humanity figures out how to cut down on body weight, and humanity does this before robots start telling us the truth about ourselves, we’ll be able to get by.

More wandering from this real intelligence later……..