Getting ready?
Getting ready for what you now might see coming but maybe not? The ethics thing was a just a beginning. Ryan is in as Speaker, both houses are republican and Trump is about to become president.

So you wanted all those people to lose their medical insurance. You get your wish. Even if you are one of them. So you wanted massive cuts to social security and medicare. Your wish is about to come true, even if you are getting social security and using medicare. You wanted jobs to stay home but pay less than minimum wage? You get your wish, even if you have to work at three or four of those jobs to survive your family. The republicans are about to teach a rigorous lesson learned early on in America and professed by the Pilgrims and Calvin’s followers. It is good to work really hard, get little in return and then die impoverished for your God. Those driving you and leading you in this regard will not be suffering but you should not be considering their comfortable lot.

That is blasphemy. Welcome to the new more honest, more hard-working, more enduring America. You wanted it because it has become, at least for probably the rest of your life, you deserve it.