Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

“Settling in for the Winter”

November 20, 2015

The land abides and waits the welcome covering of snow to sprinkle down on all fall debris, farm distributed dust from late harvest and all manner of accumulated summer related discards. It’s all going under a thick tidy cover of cloying white stuff that will more than likely remain for six to seven months, as the foundation for many more layers.

El Nino is working its way off the coast of California, a state that resembles Wisconsin in being founded upon rock and fertile soil. The people, the culture, the economy, and the rest of that state’s package are as foreign as those same things in Eritrea or maybe Burkina Faso.

 Burkina Faso  Eritrea (1)

The cold white snow will assuage the pain brought about by a Green Bay Packer team that began in triumph only to retire for the season after game six, following the example of it’s governor who was just smart enough to realize he was too dumb to run for president. There’s no mass transit in Wisconsin unless you consider the ancient products still be hawked by Harley Davidson.
Winter is welcome this year because it will also assure that no refugees from places of desert and eternal warmth are likely to settle or even be seen. Thanksgiving is next week and there are plenty of turkeys to be served up for the occasion, Scott Walker and the Packers among them.