Sunday Mid-day November 15, 2015

by James Strauss

Late Breakfast

Here’s a very typical New Mexico breakfast. You simply order the breakfast burrito with green chile and wait for the results. Then you eat it and wait for the results. This one was served at the Plaza Restaurant for ten bucks not including coffee. The eating results were great, the later results not so good.
Maybe it’s the altitude. Maybe it’s the strange Santa Fe very friendly but totally snobby presentation.
Who knows, or maybe it’s just the wonderfully painful food!

Here’s breakfast.

Breakfast at the Plaza, Santa Fe

Breakfast Burrito and fixin’s At the Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Afternoon Food Fare:

Santa Fe New Mexico.
And then there’s lunch, also imbibed at the Santa Fe Plaza downtown. This cart set up right near the Haagen Dazs kitty corner across San Francisco Street. Walk walk walk around at altitude.

Get dizzy and dried out and then walk walk walk around and back.

Time for lunch. Two mystery meats wedge between crackly hot roasted corn tortilla with a smidgen (giant dollop!) of sour cream, some sprinkles of cheese bits and a slathering of, yes you guessed it…green chili. Down it goes and then fast moving back to the room.

Five bucks.

Giant ‘whatever taco’ at the plaza, here it is:

Street Tacos Santa Fe

Street Tacos in the afternoon, Santa Fe


Sunday Afternoon:

Street Music: Neal Smith

Now this guy is an entertainer.
I once met Milli Vanilli when they were playing for change in Munich Germany at the Marienplatz. Saw Elvis play in a living room at Fort Ruger in Hawaii and then there was Cat Stevens, who came to play for the Jaycees in a San Clemente, CA coffee shop.
Way back.
Here’s this guy Neal Smith playing for change on San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, and I believe the song is an original by he himself.
Uncommon to find on the street. Uncommon talent for delivering the song too.
I tipped this guy pretty good.
Neal Smith….
Thanks for the tune.