Looking Back into our mind and why…..

Dateline: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

What is it like inside our mind?

Oh, we all know that our cranial container has all this gray stuff composed of crisscrossing nerves and synaptic tissue. We know it’s divided up into a myriad assortment of small areas that control specific parts of our physical existence.

  • But the mental thing?
  • The result?
  • Why write poetry?
  • Why rend stories from segmented bits and pieces of experienced living?
  • Why think at all?

In my mind, the one I know is there but can‘t see, can’t get rid of, can’t truly accommodate, the landscape is like a windswept plain filled with so many winding canyons. A wind blows across the tops of those wending deep ruts, sometimes diving down to sweep across running rivulets of water streaming along at the bottom. These winds are life changing, the water’s movement inexorable but comforting, the occasional falls thrilling, or frightful yet there. Punctuated passages without end.

The rest of it I make up.

Forests of pine and spruce grow instantly and then disappear. Buildings rise and fall and then rise again. People move about, in and out everywhere except for a few that are imbedded in the palin-like statues.

I wonder what other intelligent beings ‘see’ when they close their eyes to look inside their mind, or do other people ever look inside?


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