The presidency of Hilary Clinton will be initiated and confirmed in November to start in January of next year. That she will be president is not in question. How she came to be selected to be president is something else again. There can be little question now that she was pre-selected by both democratic and republican leaders well before the campaigns.

Donald Trump’s candidacy cannot be some strange bit of outrageous fortune. It had to be predetermined so that Hilary could not possibly lose. Not only that, but the Donald keeps saying and doing things that assure he will not pull it out by some stretch of blind luck or willful intent by seriously angered citizens. Nope. Each day he says something truly bizarre to keep reminding Americans that the intelligent, conservative and best thing to do is vote for the quiet well-mannered and centrally tough other candidate.

Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton and things have stayed and will stay the same. The nation will continue to peer down at it’s own belly button, awarding medals and money to those creating the most attractive lint. The assets of the planet, and its liquid wealth, will be managed and maintained by the same group that’s been doing it for some time. They will continue taking care of their spawn and those that support their spawn while lying their asses off about it. America today is the most successfully cultural display of the naked expression and effectiveness of sociobiology and you are not going to see that taught or written about or even discussed almost everywhere. Buy into the myth or meet some of these ever-burgeoning ape-like creatures being multiplied like clones to ‘maintain order,’ ‘fight crime,’ war against ‘violent dissent,’ or designated ‘terrorists.’

The screaming rise of man through technology was observed, noted, studied and then turned into a sharpened blade to cut down and out all those who didn’t see it or get it in time.
Nothing of true significance has been invented on this planet for twenty years.
Think about that as you disbelieve this.