Maureen Dowd was on Sunday Morning this Sunday morning. With her sister and other siblings. Maureen has had a lot of work done. I always wonder, man or woman, what people who have surgery for aging would look like without it. I’ve seen so much of it in Hollywood, L.A. and New York. Not nearly as prevalent abroad where in many first world countries they don’t even straighten teeth.

Dowd’s family is conservative and pro Trump. Dowd is just anti-Clinton. Somehow that was all caged into her being some sort of liberal and they conservatives. Strange interview. Dowd does not read comments on her column in the NY Times because she does not like criticism. What a really strange thing to say. “No shit” is a phrase that comes immediately to mind. Her sister reads the crummy comments and then gets mad. “No shit” is a phrase that comes immediately to mind.

What is it with famous people?

Then John Grisham comes on, who I like, and says he does not accept emails or phone calls from anyone. His family and friends can find him. “No shit” didn’t come immediately to my mind but trailed along after awhile.