Turkeys and other sundry items

Dateline: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Let the pre-Thanksgiving work begin! The turkeys have been killed, thankfully by some distant house in some distant land where the thought of chopping turkey’s heads off isn’t something seemingly so gruesome. I will one day celebrate, if in my lifetime, they came out with the food machine used on Star Trek that made food from rocks or whatever.

The more animals I meet the less I want to eat them, but the feeling only seems to work in specific. I don’t think of these poor dead turkeys like I do “Chuck” who made it into the Geneva Shore Report this week. The work is to get all this stuff ready for everyone to come. What work? The list has 22 things on it and that’s only my part. I refuse to review the list until I’ve had some Kona thought. It’s going to be a long day. I wonder if turkeys get together, since they are always kept in great flocks, and gobble about the terrorists they’ve been captured by. Hmmmm.
Here’s Chuck….
Happy Thanksgiving!

Chuck The Delevan Turkey

Chuck the Turkey strutting the roads of Delevan, WI