Morning calm, an adventure in the Arch Patton Series

During a Morning Calm an interesting encounter at the Route 66 Restaurant, on 56th Avenue in New York, provided aging agent, Arch Patton, an opportunity to receive Redemption or savor his first experience with Puffer fish.

It may behoove street gangs everywhere to really know more about their intended “homeless” targets.

Acid-laced coffee. Tawdry imitation 60’s décor. Indian music drifting down from worn out ceiling speakers. The Route Sixty-Six diner, ironically located on 56th St., New York.

Arch Patton stared out through the long expanse of windows fronting the busy street. In spite of a punishing wind and beating rain, people flowed back and forth by the window in amazing numbers. He was the restaurant’s sole customer

Puffer Fish Morning Calm

Puffer Fish

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