New Years Wish List, 2016

Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin
December 27, 2015

The New Year approaches. What changes would you like to see take place within the confines of your culture? What is your New Years Wish List?

How about these:

  1.  No police personnel anywhere in the U.S. can shoot unarmed people without themselves going to jail.
  2.  How about doubling the budget for the space program so young people will have a place to go and dream about for adventure.
  3.  How about cutting out all subsidies for tobacco and farming period. The small farmer is long dead.
  4.  How about breaking up the monopoly of gas stations, airlines and cell phone companies along with those of cable television.
  5.  How about legalizing pot. It’s worked in states that have done it.
  6.  How about limiting felonies to five years after time served and then clearing records so people can start again.  
  7.  How about requiring that presidential candidates take the SAT test with the results published before elections.
  8.  How about publishing the names of every single citizen that has an offshore account. How about requiring a governmental audit of finances for every single officer of every single bank in the nation every year.
  9.  How about requiring banks to give out any amount an account holder has in cash when demanded without denial, veiled accusations or reporting.
  10. How about nationally subsidizing every automatic driving car to the tune of ten grand so we can be done with this constant, scary and boring driving nightmare.

There, my top ten.

What are yours?

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