Two 106 rounds went down range, both visible from the distinctive contrails they left behind as they barreled through the thick rain soaked air. The guns were fired from outside the Ontos by the crew. I didn’t know why they’d fired two instead of all six or only one. The crew was outside and fully exposed to the tremendous back blast the 106 produced behind it. The guns were not truly without recoil. They simply used a brilliantly designed hot gas escape at the back of the guns to allow the rounds to be launched without a heavy recoil mechanism, but those gases were deadly to anyone standing within fifty yards behind them when they were fired.

I adjusted fire by adjusting the physical angle of all six guns using the reticle cross hairs and twisting the metal wheels. The process was much faster than calling in for artillery adjustments. The crew fired the guns as I called out to them, with only a few seconds’ delay for everyone to get clear before two more rounds exploded from the barrels outward across the river.