By James Strauss

I’ve never been there,
But that’s just a lie,
As I’ve been everywhere,
Moving so not to die.

The power of love,
Song’s lyrics from hell,
Clutching tight as a glove,
Ringing pain like a bell.

Winds are all laughing,
Standing to meet my fate,
Beating breezes wafting,
Life’s end without a date.

Waking from cat’s sleep,
One eye remains half open,
Resting more like a bat,
Chasing sin after sin.

Old beaten leather,
My skin like my life,
Harsh not from the weather,
But self-induced strife

Slowly moving to halt,
Like Buffet’s great song,
It’s all been my fault,
As life’s been too long.

I pray to my God,
To make it all straight,
Hoping against hope,
I’ve not come there too late.