June 10, 2017

Funny how the  simple gift of a pen can inspire.

The motivation to go on. Do you sometimes go in actual search of that…

 Or merely sit or lay and wait for that? Let go and let it be a God kind of thing?

While I was doing a bit of that, the mail came. I plowed through the bills and whatever, to arrive at the only package. A small package from an address I did not recognize. I opened the box and inside was this custom made pen. The colors and design resemble the trouser leg of a Marine Corps dress blues uniform. Made impeccably perfect. I looked at the name on the return address and did not recognize that either.

And then I remembered. The man is a veteran who’d read Thirty Days, and said he would make and send a pen. And here it came. I smiled. I smile as I write this.

Sometimes, the heavens open up and a beam of sunlight shines down. This gift is one of those events. Here’s the pen, and a photo of the letter I sent back this morning…

Letter and Pen