Political Debates 2106

Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin.
February 11, 2016

Well, you may like Bernie, but in listening to the latest debate in Milwaukee earlier tonight, I found Bernie to be rather nasty in trying to make his point while running Hillary down. He used that hoary old and disrespectful phrase “with all due respect” several times. Everyone knows exactly what that phrase means. I give you no respect at all. He told her she wasn’t in the White House yet.

The longer this campaign goes seems to wear this aging man into an argumentative and garrulous snit.

  • Why are neither of the democrats speaking to the young people?
  • Where is the Internet freedom?
  • Online gaming?
  • Cell phones?
  • Virtual?
  • Quantum computing?

And what of real expansive programs to launch humanity back into a positive charge toward the future? Health care, immigration and punishing fat white bankers might sound gleefully entertaining but what about our real view of the future? Nobody is answering questions, much less asking them, about where are are going as a country and what is our mission to be evolved into?

Oh, and who gives a God damned about getting a college diploma if it means graduating into a nine dollar an hour job?

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