Possessions, Top to Bottom?

Dateline: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Dec 1, 2015

Did you really think that some of the population, mostly those that possess most everything, would ever be willing to part with some of what they’ve got? Origins of possession mean nothing at the top end. They only mean something at the bottom end. A thief at Wal-Mart, the thievery during the holidays so slight as to be laughable, will be punished to an unbelievable maximum while thieves at banking institutions are not even called thieves, much less punished in any way.

Thieves at Pay Day Loan places remain unaccused.

The entire republican establishment should be required to celebrate nothing during the Christmas season. The entire conservative philosophy is founded upon a cake with layers of horror, death, greed and thieving…
all layered over with a thick frosting of righteousness.

Of course the message of today is individual rights and performance above all. There is no way these blood sucking Scrooges of today want people acting together. Pay attention to the leaders of the movement, Trump, Carson, Cruz and Rubio. They are screaming the truth of their beliefs, the beliefs of these sour grasping conservatives. Listen and believe what you are hearing. Stop writing off these seeming rants as bizarre misstatements. The truth is right there in front of you.

Merry Christmas to all of you out here with a heart!