By James Strauss

The preachers say pay and I’ll be saved,
By the time they’re done, it’s my soul that’s been paved
How can I get it right with this God,
Failing time after time to give me His nod.

Yeah though I walk yet all I get is talk,
So I’m forced to turn to prayer as my only silent way.
In the car, the shower, and closet,
Pray through the night on into my day.

God doesn’t reply it’s not His style,
But I’ve learned if I’m patient and lack understanding,
Then He’ll do something with a smile,
It’s His way since for Him time’s never ending.

The worst isn’t quite over, not yet,
Because this place in His universe isn’t like that at all,
I must toil knowing the worst is set,
Not in my space or time but at His beck and call.

I can’t forget to appreciate,
This fantasy of His means more than I comprehend,
To be a part is to graduate,
Knowing I helped to make it all mend.

I’m here in the night one more time,
Waiting to whether the ending of this latest storm,
My ship of state yours not mine,
The latest me still waiting to form.