Thirty Days Has September, The Last Ten Days e-Book


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Thirty Days Has September, The Last Ten Days in .mobi for Kindle Readers.
(Warning: These last ten days in the A Shau Valley, Vietnam, will keep you on edge of your seat)

Comment excerpt from the last Chapter from reader Son of a Soldier:
I vividly remember my mother reading the letter to us when my father was shot in the neck. I did not understand what wounded meant–I only knew about the neighbors’ fathers who were killed. I assumed that all wounded people also died. Fortunately, my father recovered and finished out his military career–but he never spoke of it.
You bring the war to life as no one ever has, in so many horrifying ways.
I cannot relate to your pain or burden, it is so much deeper than I can ever comprehend. But know that so many of us try to understand. You and your men are remembered daily by so many of us and we pray you find peace.
We have learned as a Nation to never treat our warriors like we treated our Vietnam veterans. I hope we can ease the pain of you and your men and their families.


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