Dateline: Oahu, Hawaii
April 7, 2018

Do whales cry at night, or sing, or whatever?

I am a couple of miles from pods of passing whales, as they do in large numbers in this part of the world. A beaten rock shore sits right at the edge of my principal abode where I am holed up, looking to see how the world around manages to go on so well without me around to know about it or care for it.

Last night, actually this morning at 4:00 a.m. a baby whale began to cry from not far off in the sea. Very close in. The mewling cry was not human and had a low volume to it that was convincing as well as disconcerting. The bigger whales chimed back in as if to offer the baby whale some succor. What was happening in the dark not hundreds of yards from where I was up and watching? And seeing nothing but the white spume of breaking surf upon the rocks. The sounds went on until about five a.m., and then suddenly there were no more.

Astronomical dawn came at 5:07, then nautical dawn at 5:24, followed by early and then full dawn. Light. There was light. No whales. No nothing, except for the incessant continuing battering by big waves against even bigger rocks. There have been no more whale events through the day, and I’ve been on the lookout.
Was there really a baby whale in trouble against the small bit of my shoreline, and were the bigger parents and others in the pod working to help that baby? I don’t know. It’s now like I made the whole thing up. One thing though. You do not hear a baby whale mewling into the night from nearby water without it affecting you. It sure as hell affected me. Another of life’s grand mysteries. There’s a company located about twenty miles down the shore that will let you get into a giant seawater tank and swim around with their dolphins. I did this once ten years ago and loved it.

Maybe the whale thing drove me to look them up again. Two hundred and twenty-five bucks ($250.00) for an hour. What do you think? Was the whale thing an omen? Should I reach out to those mammals of the sea? Why did they pick my little stretch of shoreline to do their thing along?

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