Boingo, Legal robbery of Wi-Fi?

Boingo seems to have circumvented and capitalized on loopholes, or is enforcement a thing of the past?

Seattle Washington. Boingo Poison. Yes, Boingo.

If you don’t know the WiFi company then you haven’t traveled. They are supposedly the largest WiFi company in the world. They are low-life cretins that force you to use a credit card to get service and then give you recurring charges month after month on that card. You can’t go online and find any way to get out so you have to call them and then the Indian call centers gives you crap about getting out and will not credit you money they have taken. On top of that I’ve also discovered that where ever Boingo is in operation all other WiFi functions and carriers are suppressed. You can’t use your personal hotspot and the airport free WiFi transmitters don’t work any better than this one (five minutes to load this page!). It’s Boingo. Another for shit monopoly working evilly just beneath the surface of a thriving America….unaware and paying for the unawareness….