Dateline: March 16, 2020
Lake Geneva WI

Sitting on the Bottom and Looking Down.

There is only one direction to go from that orientation. That light up there, when one can take one’s eyes off where they’ve been directed to go by nearly everyone, is the light at the end of the tunnel. The light from above. The light of your life. Everyone’s life. Right now it is vitally important that a good measure of the public turn their heads away from what’s being so forcefully pushed upon them and rotate their eyes upward

Cell phones have not brought us closer together, just the opposite. The Internet has not brought more intimacy, in fact, just the opposite. Television has not gotten more informative, and like the Internet, the reverse is sadly true. Amazon has not helped retail sales nearly as much as it has hurt retail sales in almost every area. The price of products has dropped while the price of cultural damage has skyrocketed. The first kind of cost is right out there in plain sight but the second deeply hidden and much more damaging in the long-term.

All those companies and governments experiencing and transmitting ‘information’ about the potential devastation coming from the Coronavirus are profiting mightily! The virus is allowing countries to close borders, stop transportation, stop social gathering and stop dissent of any kind. How in hell can any rational person not see pre-WWII Germany as a template here, except this time it’s all over the world. What is the world being saved from if giving up the world we have all been so served by (called civilization) is surrendered over to the ownership and control of a very few wealthy or powerful (or both) men?

The nation must look upward toward the light, and if some people can’t see the light then they either must believe others who can see it, and follow them…
or simply make up a vision that it is there and then follow it. Looking down at the bottom is not going to yield anything but looking down at the bottom. Look up and see the light.

It’s there, just like it has always been there. If you are a Christian, then pull out your New Testament. It’s all right there. The light. Read the Koran if you are a Muslim. It’s all right there. The light.

We’ve been here before…but, as those volumes of wisdom have so painstakingly laid down, we don’t have to stay here.

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