Dateline: Saturday (Sábado) in Santa Fe

 I walked out to see how the snow was doing.
A lot of it seems to be evaporating right into the air. I walked up the sidewalk toward the Catholic Church at the top of San Francisco and then turned to look behind me. The footsteps were so clear pointing out my back trail. And nobody out at all in the normally very busy Saturday Plaza area. Neat time, neat stuff, neat place…..Santa Fe

Footprints in the snow Santa Fe Saturday

The St. Francis Catholic Church at the top of San Francisco Road.
Stopped in to go to confession, since it is Saturday, but there was no priest there to hear my lies. It would be fun just to do the ‘bless me father’ thing and then make up a bunch of lies to see what the priest might give me for a penance.
But no priest.
The only priest was not hearing confessions. He was trying to wait it out because the groom was a bit late in showing up for the ceremony. The bride, and her assistants, waited patiently in the foyer where I surreptitiously took the photo.
I didn’t stick around but I’m sure the lucky guy finally made it through the snow and sleet to get himself hitched….

Wedding at the Basicalla od St Francis in Santa Fe

As the day comes to an end in Santa Fe on this Saturday.
The snow moves in to layer a blanket down for the coming Sunday morning. This was shot on Canyon Road just up from town center, the road where the most popular art galleries in the world are located.
Yes, it is cold and the wind is a bit of a bother,
but by God it is so beautiful!

Footprints in the snow Santa Fe Saturday EndofSaturdaySantafe