By James Strauss

The beat of the drum,
Not just any drum.
The drum of life’s backdrop
Where the music of some,
Brings us all to full stop,
While listening near stunned.

Whispering life’s hum,
Not just any hum,
The hum of awareness,
Where the sound remains numb,
We know it’s right with us,
But our knowledge is dumb.

The shortness of life,
Not just any life,
But my life in its passing,
Filled with trouble and strife,
Like I’m not addressing,
Cut with a razor-sharp knife.

I did not want to be here,
Not just any here,
But I did not know I did not know,
Unaware even of fear,
Now here not wanting to go,
Smiling back but with a tear.

Soon I’ll be gone,
Not just any gone,
To a place that once again,
Beats out some drum songs,
Forgiving some of my sin,
A new hum forgetting my wrongs.