Chapter VII


Slowly, ever so slowly, the cat withdrew back into the underbrush, using the super sensitive fur on his backside to assure that he guided himself silently, and without touching anything substantial. Flicking the tip of his tail, he brushed the rocks behind his alternately extending back paws to assure that he stepped on nothing threatening. When he was completely clear and unable to be seen by any of the creatures near the river, he twisted around adroitly and began making his way ever deeper into the thickness of the forest that ran parallel to the moving waters. Coming to a stand of ancient fallen pines he winnowed his way in and among the old crumbling wood, the pile so high that no other creature of real substance might be able to follow him or occupy itself inside, and therefore be awaiting his arrival. Certainly, none of the bipedal walking humans would be able to find him, much less gain access or even be able to move across the top of the huge strewn rubble pile.