I watched Japanese television. I didn’t understand almost any of it, but Shoot had clued me in, early on, that the Japanese had no qualms about showing bare female breasts on their regular programming. That part of Japanese television was okay. Rory had come and gone so quickly I hadn’t gotten used to having a roommate, so the solitary nature of my stay was only broken by the fact that Shoot and Pus dropped by all the time while Kathy and Barbara were always around too.

One morning, the morning of my fourth week at the Hospital, I received my first visitor, I mean following the board of inquiry that had shown up so long ago when I was brand new. This visitor was another Marine Officer who was ‘stopping through’ on his way through. There was a nearby Bachelor Officers Quarters at Yokosuka where many stayed until they could tie-up with the flight home they needed. The officer named Bob White spent a couple of hours with me as if he was trying to bring me out of some depression, or something. He had a ton of questions about my time in the A Shau Valley since he’d never made it into combat.