Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

Deer hunting season from the 21st of this month until the 29th. They’ll kill 200,000 deer before the 30th. Whatever. The deer have figured out over the years that they need to go where deer hunters don’t go during this time. I don’t know how that works. Some kind of very complex genetic response most probably. Anyway, the forest running along one side of my house and then down between the two houses closer to the lake than me, has all of a sudden become a visitation place for visiting deer.

Deer in Woods Lake GenevaThey are all over the forest just walking and laying about. I heard a gunshot too close not long ago but I doubt seriously whether any hunters are crazy enough to shoot anything near my property. My PTSD post Vietnam security paranoia still runs deep and I have some of the best detection equipment out there available anywhere I know of. The deer are right. And welcome.

Here’s one, getting ready for me to decorate my first Advent tree as Christmas is coming.