Steaming Pile of Media Crap just gets bigger!

They don’t care.

No, they don’t. Not one whit.

You think they care, because they really really sound like they care. But they don’t. People you like on television; Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, Anderson Cooper, Scott Pelley, and all of them don’t write anything. They don’t go anywhere to investigate anything. That’s all done by nameless scabs scurrying around or ‘feeders,’ as they call them. The media heads, including night talk show hosts, do not give a damn about anything except their relative popularity, the huge checks they bring in and their chateaus, limos, private jets and servants.

That’s the life we’ve descended into ever since the media figured out that it could shape and direct our reality. They tell a story, like the Kennedy assassination, Bobby Kennedy’s death, Oklahoma, 9/11 and more, and that becomes the story steeped in stone from day one. It is never changed. All later data is merely part of swirling conspiracy theories around those early reported on ‘facts.’ Those Americans with any kind of intellect, studying the data that’s leaked out over these things, know that none of this earth-shaking events went down the way there were made up to go down. Unfortunately those intellects are the true minority in our culture.

If you don’t believe what I’m writing about this then the elephantine bombastic balloon of baloney named Donald Trump shines as my living proof.