This Land is Your Land………..

For those of you considering leaving this great country because is may be in a bit of trouble.
It may be in a lot of trouble.

Don’t leave.

It is your obligation to stay when times are tough to see the country through. Yes, a lot of your neighbors have made some poor decisions lately but you and I have done a bit of that over the years too. Stay. Stand. And we will get through together.

I fought for the country when I thought it was in trouble and I went down hard and paid a price. I still pay but I’m not leaving. I will stand again because you people out there took me back and put me together again. I have it in me and you have it in you.

We took one hell of a hit the other day, those who understand how hurt I am, but we will stand and I will stand with you.

This is my land.

This is your land.

Please listen to Bruce and the words of iron he delivers before he sings this song that needs so badly to be sung to so many people this night….

The Promise of Our Country
Bruce Springsteen