To arms. Now is the time. Not to fight but to get ready to fight. And you can’t fight with a protest sign, banner or a loud voice. America is a wonderful wonderland of legal weaponry. The right wing has assured that small arms would be available to almost everyone. Even people not allowed to buy guns can go to gun shows and get them. If you believe trouble is coming then you better believe the ‘liberal’ idea of having guns available to everyone is going to quickly go the way of the Dodo. Stock up on guns and ammunition. Long guns are best with semi-automatic large long range calibers best. I am not encouraging insurrection or revolution. I am encouraging prudence and safety.

When and if the wheels come off the one thing you can be assured of, and take this from a long experience combat and intelligence expert, is that you won’t be able to figure out where the ‘trouble’ is going to come from or strike. Don’t be the subject of the inquest, the box holder at the funeral or the mark at the poker table. Do your homework and prepare to the best of your ability, especially if you have children. I don’t need guns personally because I know exactly where to get them if needed and how to get the if needed.

You don’t have that experience or background. Stock up. Never ever thought I would write anything like this in my whole life!


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