What can we do to feel better about ourselves and about life going on around us, no matter who we are and where we are or what is happening to us? A rare thing to do is thought. Isolated, individual, lonely and very necessary private thought. You can do it anywhere although not at any time.

You need some props to help. Get to a quiet place where you provide the sound. Use the cell for music instead of communication. Sit on a bench, in a coffee shop, in your car, and look around you, out and around at people, stuff, scenery and all of it. Clear you mind. Play something like this, hugging your cell to your ear unless you are one of those ‘bud’ people.

Listen and think. About anything. And you will eventually smile, with the realization that you are indulging yourself in a process most humans never seem to take the time or trouble to do. Deliberate contemplation.

Here’s my simplistic recommendation for the music. You provide the thoughts…

Featured photo by Patrick DiFruscia