And they all become the same.
From Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Snapchat and more. They all become all about them and not about you. Each more they make to improve the site for the person using it is like each more the airlines make to assure that airplane seats are more comfortable. They are all lying. You are ever more limited and hemmed in. You can’t even get up and walk around on airplanes anymore. You can’t do that on social media either. You must write opinions of what other people write in order to have your own opinions exposed to be read. You must appreciate other’s photos to have your’s looked at. Which means you will have no life. You cannot grow on social media unless you spend all your time focused on one section of it all the time. It’s like frequent flier miles now.

They just keep lowering the bar on miles (one mile becomes two miles you have to travel to get the one while they charge more and more earned miles to go anywhere. The same on social media. They want you encapsulated in the thinnest seats possible. Or be nobody. They own everybody so you can be owned by one of them or be nobody. Nobody must be adapted to. Is it really worth it to be ‘somebody’ today when you look at the screen and see mostly shitheads as somebodies. To be loved by huge numbers of people is to be loved by nobody. Best to come back to the fundamentals and write for yourself. Photo for yourself. Let the rest of the crap fall from the air around you while you carefully watch and avoid the brown spots.