War on Terror?

Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

The world. What happens when the military industrial complex gets threatened?
Not by outside forces. It wants that. No, I am talking about inside forces.

The forces inside western borders that deny funding. It’s all about money and the use of men’s killing toys. WWII ended and the Cold War was born. More money went into he Cold War than into WWII. Then the Cold War was ending and the complex was in a panic. There was nothing on the horizon. Vietnam, a product of the Cold War had fizzled out. The War on Terror was born. Now more is spent on the War on Terror than on WWII and the Cold War combined! The War on Terror has begun ebbing. Al Quida wasn’t working out, the Taliban dithered and even ISIS could not find an actual geographic location to fight from or strike.

And then the idea was born!

A new war. The world will go to war with believers of Islam and that will just be priceless, since a quarter of the world is Muslim. Perfect. Just listen to the republican candidates for president! They are telling the future. Watch your televisions do nothing but concentrate on hating Muslims using ever more powerful imagery and vague, ever more direct accusations. The new war is coming and look for the expense of keeping wealthy industrialists wealthy to get much higher.
And look for yourself to be locked down and locked out while you pay.

The video was shared form our friend Ingrid Bond:

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