Dateline: Lake Geneva
Novemeber 19, 9 PM

Is being Kind Normal?

How do we find it somehow in our best interest to be kind?

Is it the coming wintery storm making me so deeply reflective this evening?
How do we make it so that compassion, understanding and generosity become the normal staple ruling all communication and conduct throughout mankind? Jesus Christ certainly gave it a shot in the New Testament but then so many additions and codicils became part of the ‘word.’ I mean if there really was a Jesus Christ like we’ve been led to believe.

Will this three and half million year old deadly and virulent drive to kill off the competition with the possible exceptions of blood family and close friends kill off the entire species? Right now, in spite of, or possibly because of, the nature of near total communication I can tell you that things are not looking good. By this time in man’s development it certainly seems that humankind has come such a long way, but has it really?

We, as a species, could easily feed everyone on the planet. We could easily house everyone on the planet. We could give everyone electricity. Yes, all this is within the power (and easily) but there is no concerted effort to do these things on any kind of universal basis. In fact, there are huge forces claiming it would be an outrage, unfair and downright stupid.

What am I missing as I sit here this night?
Finally, why will no one ever admit that all this is possible right now?

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