What’s Really Real?

Differential behavior when combined with verbal and written communication.

The complexity of trying to arrive at conclusions about other people when limited to talk, or the written word, or even in seething them out in life, all prepared to be seen. What about under the thin layers we lay over the reality of our lives? We all live down there in that seething hot bed of unexpressed thoughts, of darkly roiling wants, of craven needs, and nobody ‘up there’ in the real world or ‘out there’ among the heaving sea of humans around us, truly know.

Kay Romprey writes on my Facebook thread all the time. A wonderful woman living in Michigan. Right Wing, but that’s okay. Straight and narrow. Almost severe. She has a wonderful dog. That’s nice. She’s attractive and single. That’s nice. A wonderful little home of her own. That’s nice.

But where’s the reality under those carefully coifed layers? She drives a 1995 black custom Eldorado Cadillac with special shiny mag wheels. And there, with that small tell, the adventure lurks, just waiting for the right moment to quietly emerge, like a spy coming out into a foggy alley at two a.m. in the morning with a cigarette dangling….

The other stuff is the other stuff. The black Cadillac is the real deal and what you really need to know…

1995 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe