The biggest question of all for the people who voted for Donald Trump, and the very biggest chunk of evaluative data that you can use to figure out who you should have as friends and who you should not.

The biggest question is “how could anyone, man or woman, support a man running for president who openly admitted to abusing women, using his position of power to do so and celebrating the effect it has on them? If you know a person voted for Trump then you have to consider this question. If you decide that the president’s election conduct and talk was okay then that’s is perfectly okay for you. But you need to take a hike in a few relationships around you if you believe that, either that or hang around with really dumb people….
Or maybe with the women who are part of the S&M set and love to be beaten and physically abused.

The most difficult part of this decision has little to do with our leader. It has to do with this bitterly difficult analysis and taking action on the people around you so that you are protected from this coming cold and glacial harshness. The people who reveal this about themselves are really that way inside and you simply must believe them…or get strung up and beaten, either figuratively or physically!!!