Angel of the Morning

I opted to refresh myself before checking on Don and the Basque. My cabin door was unlocked and partially open. I did not even gripe out of disgust for the violation. Somehow, my space, and in fact, my very person, had become part of the ship’s public domain, just like the Rest Rooms. There was no point in further complaints. Seemingly, my stock had sunk to new lows as my adventure was nearing its finish line. I could not help feeling that, despite the mission’s success to this point, I was about to lose something of great worth.

Once inside the cabin I assembled my Sitka outfit. I emptied my pockets of the suppressor and the Kel-tec, concealing them under my pillow. I curled up the two remaining Krueggerrand belts and tucked them into pockets located on the back of my new vest. I distributed the bulky currency in every available pocket. It gave the vest heft, but did not tip off anyone that I was carrying a lot of money.   I re-discovered the small radio, once again. I wondered if it still worked, but didn’t try it. I stuck it in my back pocket. I could toss it later.

I stripped off the remainder of my clothes, went into the bathroom and turned on the shower’s hot water tap. I waited by the shower stall, naked, and deep in thought. Then I retreated back into the main cabin, and pushed down the ‘play’ button on Hathoot’s CD player. Nothing came out. I climbed under the steaming hot water, and closed the glass door.