Reflection on the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic.

April 10, 2020

The question is moot.
There is no real answer or series of answers.

The question is: how many jobs have been lost to the nation’s reaction to the spread of the Coronavirus? Similar moot questions about how many businesses have been lost or customers or taxpayers, and more. Why do the answers not matter right now?

Because the damage has already been driven in too deep, and the severity of the effects of that damage too great. Reports of fifteen or sixteen million jobs lost this morning are moot, as well.

That number is more likely fifty million and will rise to hundreds of millions if this whole ‘end the suffering of the patient by ending the patient’ kind of reaction to this virus goes on. Bailouts only matter if there is money to pay them, and then act as a curative on only a very temporary basis.
There is no government money unless there are taxes paid or collected. An unemployed person or public is no longer going to pay taxes. No taxes. No income taxes and no property taxes and certainly no sales taxes. Not only won’t the mainstream public not have the money, but the public will also no longer have the attitude.
What is being sucked out of this country, through ignorance and nasty deliberation, is what the Righteous Brothers lyrics in a song best describe: “..lost
that loving feeling.”

There can be no democracy in a population quite literally governed by a fear that may well be never-ending. That mathematics and uncontrolled statistics do not support the shutting down of the country as a response, is fast-becoming moot, as well. The mass media used to report bad news every day but now reports draconian, bleak, black and deadly horrid news every minute.

The question about jobs lost should have been seriously asked before social distancing, isolation, and unemployment were decided upon as solutions to a medical situation. Today’s leaders do not even discuss coming back from this American nightmare. They only discuss more ways to ever-deeper send the remaining population into a controlled spiral of depression, poverty and, yes, lonely decay and death.

Hunger and exposure have been the great killers of humanity since the rise of Homo Sapien dominance on the planet. The great human fight has been against those brutal opponents all through the years and generations. Today, tonight and tomorrow, those Two Horsemen of the Apocalypse will stride forward and through a population that surrendered without so much as a real fight.

The question about employment is moot. The question about the continuance of life for mankind is very much on the table.

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