Reflections on the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic

Dateline: Lake Geneva, Wi
March 24, 2020

Who is in your life, and why is that seemingly strange question important right now?

I received an extremely complimentary call last night from a rather important person living in Lake Geneva. The call was about me, I must admit, but it took me totally by surprise. The call was about how this person had been thinking and decided that I was the kind of person that was important to know and get closer to in times of trouble, as the current times.

I was pretty blown away. I asked him how he’d come to that conclusion and he said that he’d looked at my background and that I’d lived through any number of difficult circumstances and times and, because of that, I could probably handle anything thrown my way. I didn’t really know what to say, but it did lead me to consider, after the call, who is in my own life and why those people might enjoy special attention based upon their ability to recognize, adapt and then help with what trouble is among us. Who is in your life and what can be done to maximize those relationships to form a tribe right now? Yes, right now. We all have the time.

This guy last night had the time to call me and spend nearly an hour on the phone, and I took the time to talk to him. That is one of the ‘gifts’ of the current virus attack and society’s reaction to it. We have more time, to think, to consider, to prepare, and then to act. We are being forced apart to wait to see what will happen with the spread of this new virus and also physically separated’ to isolate and kill it off. We now must come closer together in communication and thought while we are spending physical time apart. The physical time apart will not last because we can’t survive ‘living alone in the forest.’ We might, if we’d prepared our whole lives to do that, but we didn’t, except for a very rare few.

Start thinking about who is important to you in reference to who can and will be there for you no matter what happens now. And then, the most important part.
Be there for them. Form the pact. Talk about it openly and…be there for them.


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