Reflections on the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic
March 25, 2020

How tough are you? Oh, not the Harley Davidson, Sylvester Stallone or even Bruce Willis kind of tough. I am writing about how tough you may or may not be when the chips are down. When the job is gone, as so many are today, and the paychecks with it. When the food is gone and the free pantry not really filled or there anymore. Are you tough enough to even bend a knee and go to such a place if your family’s survival is at stake? How tough are you? Can you stay up nights with worry while they sleep because you lied to them that everything was going to be all right? Are you that tough, to be able to take it all on yourself and not distribute the pain around? “When the night has come, and the land is dark…. and that moon is the only thing you see...” are you that tough, to be alone because most of life walks away when the going grows rocky, the money’s gone and human interaction becomes some cold result of a deathly instrument called social distance.?

Can you stand alone? Will you stand with someone, and if you have no one, will you stand by me?

There’s trouble. Trouble is all about, and tomorrow, when it begins to grow into ever more serious and every more deadly trouble, will you have now have to go it alone, a passenger aboard a vessel seemingly and unfalteringly headed for heavy surf and a rocky shore in the distance?

Where are you? Where am I? The walls grow close, the night becomes longer and there’s not even the whisper of any enemy out there to fight. Don’t stand alone. Stand with your those who bend but don’t break around you.

Stand by me, even if you don’t know me.

Ben E. King, 1961

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