Reflection #12 on the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic
March 25, 2020

2.2 trillion dollars.

Where in the hell did this motley collection of ill-credentialed strange people get hold of 2.2 trillion without much complaint by anybody at all? How is it that this kind of money is going to be distributed with almost no structure to its dissemination or construct to the organization it will take to distribute the funds.
Three weeks for the first checks to go out. Those to people who paid their taxes electronically, and then overpaid and got a refund back by direct deposit to their accounts. Those people might get some sort of immediate check deposited to that same account. No mention is made of people getting direct deposit of social security or veterans or other retirement funds. How long did it take to distribute the money that was taken in to be paid out to 911 relatives and survivors? Years. And there were only a few thousand of them.

How in the hell is this mess of a broken government, leaders not believing that veteran bureaucrats are functional, can expect to pay out trillions to everyone?

Better set aside about ten years to get whatever you think you might have coming. How much is Two point Two Trillion Dollars?

If it was presented and then stacked as new one-dollar bills the stack would pile 154,000 miles or about three-fifths of the way to the moon. What is that amount of money, distributed directly out in the economy going to do? We live in interesting times.

The featured image above shows a Trillion Dollars as a stack of $1,000 Bills

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