Reflection on the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic

March 31, 2020

I posted this on my Facebook pages and for some strange reason it created some spirited dialog about being an alarmist and creating “panic“.
Interesting times when common sense ideas are denigrated.
Going back over 50 years, I attributed my attitude and concern as Situational Awareness

My post follows:

What you may need and might not have thought about if there are Outages of Power

  1.  If you don’t have a generator, you may need batteries. Ds, Cs, and double A. Plenty of them. At least half a dozen flashlights and a couple of ‘glow’ lights.
  2. If you have a generator, you will need to start it every couple of days and have at least twenty gallons of gas stored outside with the exhaust outside,
    or the generator itself.
  3. Extension cords, at least 3 fifty footers (again, if you have a generator.
  4. Bottled water if you have an electric well.
  5. Canned meat, beans and veggies…plenty of it.
  6. One bedroom you can isolate for a family member who has the virus but is either not bad enough to be hospitalized or needs aftercare quarantine so the whole family does not go down.
  7. Special battery pack for your laptop and cell phones.
  8. Battery-powered radio for entertainment and news.
  9. Plenty of high-calorie replacements or stand-ins, like coke, chips, nonrefrigerated dips…to alleviate hunger and pass the time.
  10. puzzles, games, books, and toys.
  11. A couple of pails to use for dumping water in the toilet after a few flushes.
  12. Keep your cars full of gas, for emergency transport, to go to the store and also as reservoirs if you have a generator.
  13. Patience. Most outages in the U.S. are fairly quickly resolved even in times like these.
  14. Matches, plenty of them. Electric igniters do not work if the electricity is out.

There. Was that so bad? Funny how many things come to the forefront when there are impending or existing social upheavals.

As Always I ask you to share your viewpoints and experiences
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