Reflection # 22 of the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic
April 11, 2020

Near-total unawareness and dunce cap density of directed thought.

Yes, I am writing about perhaps ninety percent of the American public, and its more than knee-jerk reaction to the governmental and mass media attack with respect to the Corona Virus.

What do I mean?

As an anthropologist, I remain fairly up to date on what is happening in the world with respect to its landmass population of humankind. What led me to write that first sentence of this short article?

How about the verifiable fact (fact check me) that from the time of the first appearance of what we have come to know as the COVID-19 virus onslaught, 13,500,000 (or so) human beings have died on this planet due to all causes? There is little or no news about that.
Since the COVID-19 onslaught, as of this morning, in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune and on MSNBC and all the rest, the 100,000 mark has been reached in deaths worldwide due to that virus.

Yet, it is the 100,000 figure that is causing everyone to be driven to the grocery stores to gather hoarded goods, to leave jobs, schools, churches, and even loved ones dying in hospitals to die alone. It has caused humans to abandon one another to seek protection and wear hazmat attire. And this weird statistical anomaly is going to cause a whole lot more…which is beginning to alert me to the fact that this all has little to do with the virus outbreak.
How can 18,803 attributed deaths to COVID-19 in the U.S., stacked against 660,000 who’ve died of other causes in the same time frame have such impact?
In my county in Wisconsin, population 104,000, there have been no deaths…but I can’t go to the park, to church, to city meetings, to any restaurant, any theater, visit anyone in a hospital and much much more?

This is an exhibition of near-total unawareness of real fact on the part of the public and it is way too extensive to be the result of something that happened by accident.
The big question that rising up from this awful muck beginning to stick to each one of us is: what’s coming next?
The right to assemble is effectively gone. The right to protest essentially gone. The right to even complain anywhere is nearly traitorous.

What’s coming?

I feel something coming.

Don’t you feel the slightest tingle?

But You can complain, share your thoughts,
and experiences right HERE with no reprisal

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